American Patriotic Frontier Party

26 Sep

What’s Next

So in my last post UntitledI looked at who founded the American Frontier Patriotic Party  and what its platform is. This time I want to look at what kind of chance this party would have of getting started in Wyoming and then influencing elections.


In the month that is has been on Facebook, its page has gathered 15 likes.I am sure that its support for the Second Amendment would gain support in Wyoming, which has the highest rate of gun ownership in the country. However Wyoming has the highest per‐capita energy‐related carbon dioxide emissions of any  state. So I don’t think that its plan to “go green” will go over very well in Wyoming where so much of its economy is dependent on oil and coal.


Currently there are four registered political parties in Wyoming; Democrat, Republican, Libertatian, and Constitution. There are also several other political parties that operate in Wyoming; Green, Reform,  and Wyoming Labor. The Republican party has the strongest following, being followed by the Democrats. In the 2012 General election(Presidential, Senate, House) no candidate from a Wyoming third party was able to gather more than 3.5% of the vote.

In conclusion, I don’t that the APFP has the chance of a day without wind in Wyoming. There are other parties that are very similar and I don’t thinks its platform with go very far in a place like Wyoming. Perhaps time will prove me wrong, but I think that this political party will just fizzle out.


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