Apocolypse Aftermath

25 Sep

I have never been so happy to be alive as I was when I woke up Sunday morning! Apparently the zombie invasion in downtown Cheyenne was short-lived, and the flesh-eating undead have gone back into hibernation for another year. But they left us with lots of great memories (and a few pretty cool snapshots as well!). Here is a small sampling of images captured during ZombieFest 2013.

Watch your back!

Watch your back!

Terry Chadwick takes a bite out of Sarah Wirth



A hungry volunteer

Ravenous Royalty

Ravenous Royalty

Introducing the King and Queen of the Zombie Prom

Hobnobbing with Ken Foree

Hobnobbing with Ken Foree

Ken Foree (from the original ‘Dawn of the Dead’) with Tammy Higgins

Not sure what this is…

Not sure what this is...

And frankly… I don’t wanna know!

Thanks for the memories. And for the year-long nightmares!

All photos used in this post are compliments of Cathie Chadwick Photography.

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