More on Improving Your Health with LCSD #1

20 Sep

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Laramie County School District #1 has a second plan to encourage it’s employees to continue to improve their health. They know eating right and exercise are key to healthier employees.  In order to participate in Plan #2 you must have completed Plan #1. The wellness coordinator for the school district is dedicated to providing all employees with information and helpful tips to staying healthy.

Getting Your Blood Drawn

You will want to get your blood drawn to qualify for Part 1 of the Wellness Program.  Information is available from the website or by directly contacting the wellness coordinator at (307) 771-2373. Various locations are available as shown.

blood draws

The Plan Part 2

To qualify for the second part of the plan you must have completed Part 1 and then watch a video, and accrue 150 points by doing various acitivities such as keeping track of your exercise, keeping track of your eating, or participating in tobacco cessation.  When you complete this portion of the program you will receive $100.00 on your May paycheck.

Other Benefits

Not only does this program give you money back, but it allows you to include your spouse.  If your spouse follows the program they can reap the benefits. Improving your health puts money in your pocket and you will feel better too!


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