Your Health with LCSD #1

16 Sep

Laramie County School District #1 is concerned about their employees health. They provide monetary incentives to help employees understand and track their health. The district uses the Wyoming Health Fairs to screen and assist in obtaining information from their employeeThey know if their employees are eating right and exercising they have lower rates of illness.


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The Plan Part I

First you must complete a registration form that verifies you are participating.  Just because you are a district employee does not mean you are automatically enrolled.  Second you find a place to have your blood drawn.  Your results of the blood draw are sent within 10 days of the blood draw.  When you get your results you will find a website to log into on the results where you take the Mayo Assessment.  Finally, you watch a video about the program and how it works.  If you meet all the criteria by the end of October they give you a $100.00 on your November paycheck.

Helpful Exercise Tips

During the school year many opportunities are available for you to get exercise.  The district offers organized exercise classes for you to particate in all year.  A newsletter is emailed to the employees providing reminders of the various events.

The Mission

To inspire and empower personal well-being ~ one person, one health screening and one partnership at a time!


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