Tegan and Sara: Live Concert!

3 Dec
Tegan and Sara live!

Tegan and Sara live!


The band Tegan and Sara have been touring with The Killers since October to help promote their new album that will be released in January. Before touring the U.S., they toured across the U.K. and headlined each show. I was able to grab tickets for one of their shows in Broomfield, Colorado at the 1st Bank Center! The concert was last Thursday, November 29th, 2012, and I will never forget the experience!


Tegan and Sara were opening for The Killers rather than headlining for the show, meaning they played first and didn’t get to play as many song. During shows they headline, they typically chat before they play each song. The twins would discuss a recent experience of theirs that relates to their next song, or sometimes explain what the song means. During this show, however, since they were opening they barely talked before any of their songs. Instead, they played each song consecutively without missing a beat, and with very little banter. Although this was slightly disappointing, they still played a fantastic show!

Set List

For the show in Denver, Tegan and Sara played 9 songs, 3 of which are from their upcoming album Heartthrob! Here is the list of songs they played at the concert:


I myself am a hardcore Tegan and Sara fan. They’ve been my favorite band since the 10th grade, and their music and truly changed my life. This concert was the first time I ever got to see them live and it was a very moving experience. I cried throughout their entire performance because I was so touched and overwhelmed seeing them in person. Whether or not you’re a die-hard Tegan and Sara fan like myself, I highly recommend seeing them live!

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