Inside out caramel apples

28 Nov

Inside out caramel apples. This was a fun twist on a classic I stumbled upon; much easier to enjoy for the adults.



Lemon or just lemon juice

Caramel squares


Halve and core out your apples. Hollow them out a bit to make a nice area for your caramel to sit. Rub the apples down with lemon juice immediately! This prevents them from browning. Let them set a few minutes and then pat them dry. Melt your caramel up to pour into your apples. You may or may not want to add a touch of water depending on the consistency you would like your caramel to have. Now, you can eat these right away warm or you can refrigerate them for a bit so they can be sliced up as the caramel hardens.


You can add a chocolate drizzle or even a chocolate coating to the outer side of your apples. I’ve seen granola sprinkled over these or you could even add a few chocolate chips to the caramel inside.

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