1,800 Deaths Avenged through Alcohol Awareness Week at LCCC

2 Nov

On Friday, October 26th the Residence Hall Council held a casino night to bring awareness to our college about the deaths that happen every year due to alcohol related incidents.
Gambling in school?

Students that attended the event received fake money to gamble with and at the end of the night they could redeem their money for prizes.

There were games such as Texas Hold ‘Em, traditional poker, bingo, Mario Kart and many other fun games that could get students money.

Awareness for a cause

This event was of course a social gathering, but there was a lingering cause behind it. A lot of people at this event wore “1800 Dead” t-shirts that signified how many college students die each year from alcohol related incidents.

On the back of this t-shirt it said “Be a responsible friend.” Which is a powerful message to get college students to think twice before they go out drinking with their friends.

More to come

This year was such a success that they decided to bring back the National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week to LCCC again next year. With hopes of having even more education and even more involvement with the students.

There will be a slideshow and interview posted on Monday for this event.


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