Let’s Go to the Gardens

28 Oct

This Thursday November 1 at the University of Wyoming Gardens there is a free concert! It starts at 7:00!

The Sun Parade


Its not often you find a band that can infuse their personality into their music. The Sun Parade is an interesting duo led by the creative styles of Chris Jennings and Jefferson Lewis. The Sun Parade has a tonality to them that invites a calmness and invokes introspection. Chris and Jefferson often find themselves on a stage as an acoustic duo but are often backed by a full band including:

Chris Jennings – Vocals/Guitar

Jefferson Lewis – Mandolin/Harmony

Jacob Rosazza- Bass

Colin Jabert- Drums


The Sun Parade has a defined sound but lack exposure. They are tirelessly touring in support of their new full length LP called “Yossis” which you can find here for $9.99: http://thesunparade.bandcamp.com/

The Sun Parade is able to combine the raw folk power used by Fleet Foxes and combines it with the aesthetic sounds you would find on an Iron & Wine album. Such a combination makes for an excellent listen and powerful performances.

Sleeping Cranes


Sleeping Cranes is the stage name for local artist, A.J. Ward. Based in the art of sobering and somber compositions, Sleeping Cranes has put a unique twist on indie folk.  By combining the beauty of a Bright Eye’s song with the passion and complexity coined by Kevin Devine, Sleeping Cranes is effortlessly able to pull in listeners.  I was lucky enough to get an interview with A.J. that will be taking place this week. So be on the look out for that!

You can find a copy of Sleeping Cranes’ new album here for $7: http://sleepingcranesmusic.bandcamp.com/album/twelfth-house

Grayson Erhard

Based out of Fort Collins, Grayson is a monster on the guitar. Just check this out: http://soundcloud.com/graysonerhard

Not convinced? http://soundcloud.com/graysonerhard

Grayson has a style that can only be likened to that of Rodrigo y Gabriela. His tireless guitar work encompassed with subtle percussion makes for an upbeat and powerful listen. As I’ve said some guitarists have the ability to speak through their tonality, some guitarists also have the ability to illustrate more than just words with their music. Grayson is able to capture raw emotion and fluently speak to the audience without the use of words.

This Thursday make sure you get to the Gardens at 7:00 p.m.! With The Sun Parade being backed by two amazing opening acts its hard to ignore this show; especially cause its free! So come join us on Thursday for whats poised to be an awesome night!

Need more info? http://www.facebook.com/events/506008532743592/


Hope to see you there!


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