Fall Fashion: Summer to Fall Transition

26 Oct

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!

Summer has come and passed and it’s the start of the fall season! Chilly to cold weather is expected, especially here in Wyoming, and it may be discouraging to those who stocked up on summer clothes and fear having to invest in an entirely new wardrobe. I am here to let you know that there is nothing to fear! Staple summer clothing pieces can still be worn in the fall and even winter season! I will show examples with clothes that I actually purchased from stores that are in Cheyenne!


The key to transitioning your summer wardrobe to a fall wardrobe is simply layering. Adding an undershirt, a scarf, a cardigan, a jacket, tights, leggings, or anything of the sort will keep you warm while still allowing you to enjoy pieces from your summer wardrobe. You won’t have to go through the struggle of purchasing new clothes when you can pull together outfits from what you already have! Layering allows you to recycle staple accessories and clothing pieces to accommodate for whatever the weather may be!

Sheer Top

Sheer tops with bandeaus and shorts were a big trend in the summer. To transition a sheer top to accommodate for the fall weather, you can simply replace the bandeau with a tank top or undershirt, then layer it with some sort of outerwear and regular pants or jeans. With one of my own sheer tops, I layered it with a black tank top and black cardigan that I got from the Target here in Cheyenne! To add some shape, I added a little black belt around my waist from the PacSun in the Cheyenne Frontier Mall. For pants, I added a pair of mustard yellow jeans from Dillard’s. A nice pair of black or gray oxford style shoes would be a great pairing for an outfit like this! In order to have a sheer top be wearable for the fall season, all that is essential is layering, so you can look and feel good!

Sheer Top Outfit

Summer Dress

Summer dresses are always a prominent piece in any girl’s wardrobe for the summer. If you are itching to continue wearing some of your summer dresses, all you need to do is add layering pieces and you are ready to go! The most essential piece of clothing you need to add to any summer dress is a pair of tights so your legs can stay warm. With my floral summer dress that I got from Cheyenne’s Plato’s Closet, I decided to edge it up by added a pair of ripped tights I got from Target, the same little black belt from the previous outfit, and a pair of black boots I purchased from Dillard’s. My dress happens to have short sleeves, which means that I could wear a tank top or undershirt under it for more warmth. However, if you have a dress that is strapless or has straps, you can layer a cardigan or a jacket for extra warmth to protect you from the chilly fall weather!

Summer Dress Outfit


Leggings were also very trendy and fashionable throughout the summer with long tank tops, summer dresses, shorts, and skirts! They are very versatile, which means that you could still wear them during the fall season! In order to make the summer to fall transition, you need to balance your outfits out by making sure you layer tops and wear boots. With a pair of my gray leggings that I bought at the T.J.Maxx in Cheyenne, I wore an over-sized blue button-up shirt that is from Dillard’s and the same black tank top from Target. With this outfit, I could wear the same black boots from Dillard’s from the previous outfit, or I could pair this with a pair of gray cozy, Ugg-like boots for warmth and comfort. The key to an outfit like this is keeping your legs warm with some boots, and your upper body warm by layering with multiple tops!

Leggings Outfit

Outfits Slideshow

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