Red Ribbon Week

25 Oct

School fights drug abuse

Burns elementary school has kicked off a week of drug awareness they are calling Red Ribbon Week.  Slapping posters on the walls and attending dry, boring assembly lectures don’t really impact elementary school kids, say ages 7 to 11.  The key is to get them involved in some way.  It doesn’t have to be anything big, no life affirming changes to fundamental thought process…huh?  Exactly.  It needs to be something simple the kids can relate to.  Something memorable to tie the memory in with the idea fighting drug abuse.

Memory making

Each day this week the kids at Burns elementary are encouraged to come to school in some out of the norm dress.  This little thing can go a long way to imprint the concept for these kids.  Kind of like colorful post-it tabs in their memory files.

         ~Here is part of the release sent home with the kids~

– Mon 10/22 – “Get drugs out of your hair!  Wear a crazy hairdo.”

– Tue 10/23 – “Drugs aren’t groovy…be hip!  Dress like a hippie.”

– Wed 10/24 – “Turn your back on drugs!  Wear your clothes backward.”

– Thurs 10/25 – “‘ARGH’ you against drugs?! Dress like a pirate.”

– Fri 10/26 – “Sock it to drugs!  Wear crazy socks.”


Wyoming kids at risk

A recent article in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle states that Wyoming teen are at higher risk for addictive behaviors and/or violence than in the rest of the country.  There is a lot encouraging progress impacting this, good things on the horizon, and maybe something a little bit silly and fun as this Red Ribbon Week at a younger age will impact their futures.  We can only hope and try. It certainly can’t hurt.


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