Re-Enter the Flu Zone

21 Oct

Who got shot

OK, how many of you out there actually went out and got a flu shot?  If you did please share your experience with the rest of us.  Where did you go?  How much did it cost?  Did it really hurt or was the anticipation worse than the deed?  The people want to know, so spill it!

Ouch vs. ick

Personally, I’ll take the little pinprick of pain over having someone haft to hold my hair back (if I had any) for me.  In other words, rip that band-aid off rather pick at it. Not to mention the loss of work or class, that and being sick is just plain not worth it!

No joke

I have been having a little fun with this, but the truth of the matter is this can be very serious.  A couple of years ago here in Cheyenne there was a rash of flu victims that did not make.  There are people out there who just don’t have the strong immune system that others do and the results can often be tragic.  So, if you are not overly concerned about yourself, then think about those other out there.  Who knows?  By helping to stop the spread of the flu, you might just save a life.  Think about it.


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