Lessons in Ambiguity

21 Oct

It’s easy to learn a lesson if worth learning. Due to the mysterious nature of the advertisements for the showcase I was completely unaware of what I was walking into. The words “mixed chamber music” must have slipped right past me because that’s exactly what I saw.


I don’t often have a sense of remorse for the void that is my knowledge of classical music, but today I felt something similar. One of my favorite musicians, Conor Oberst, wrote in a song called Going for the Gold, “I know a girl who cries when she practices violin. Cause each note sounds so pure, it just cuts into her, And then the melody comes pouring out her eyes.” I find this line interesting not because I cried during the performances, but because of his focus on purity. The one thing that can be said about the chamber performance was that purity was a common undertone.

I was unable to find a bill and as limited without the use of my cell phone. I wanted to be able to capture one of the key moments, in my opinion, that defined the afternoon. With striking staccato notes flowing from the piano, riddled with soft harmony on the flute, and a soft and mellow barrage from the brass section. The emotions I was feelings closely mimicked my feelings during a transcendental solo by Jasco.

It’s amazing to be able to go to an event you have no knowledge on and come away feeling fulfilled. Classical music may not be my thing, but when musicians are able to communicate so effectively through their instruments it’s a definite thing of beauty.

Were you there? Leave a comment about your thoughts or post one here!


Want a little more information on the showcase?


Since I was unable to share audio from the show I thought I’d still share a classical song.


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