A Must Go to Event

21 Oct

Recently, I attended the Terror Behind Stone Walls tour. At the beginning of the tour ,the tour guides promised to make you want to sleep with the lights on that night.

Talk about scary!

The tour was a great entrance for the Halloween season. Going to the tour I didn’t know what to expect or how nervous to be. My friends and I attended the second tour of the night. Of course, it was very chilly that night which for me made it a little bit more scary,also seeing the first people get off the tour before us going on was scary. The first people looked so shaken up from the tour.

A promise well kept!

The tour began in the territorial park, which scary scene at night. Our tour guide,Jake, was a actor that told us all these ghostly tales of each area we past, I don’t know if it was true ,but to it was very believable. The creepy part of tour had to be the hayride. There were actors hiding in and behind places jumping out to see which of us would scream the loudest,duh, I won that competition. Next, we all were showed inside the prison.The prison was completely dark,it was hard seeing the tour guide and keeping up with the group. Our tour guide shared with us experiences of prisoners that once live in the prison. Just liked promised different surprises were in this part of tour! Once, I fell behind in the tour a spirit (actor) came up behind me and just touched me on my back, I almost cried. The tour only last about a hour, but for me seemed forever.

Did You Hear that?

This was my first tour of Laramie and I can’t lie it scared me crazy, after I left I went home turned on all my lights in the house. So, of course I think they accomplished there goal.So bravo to the tour!

There’s still a chance for you to enjoy this creepy wonderful tour. The last tours are on October 26, 27 & 31.The tickets prices are still $13 for adults and $10 for children 12 years & under .


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