Stop and enjoy the beauty

19 Oct

Beware of Squirrels

Its called the Green way for a reason

The Green way has many paths through out Cheyenne. We even have a part of the Green way that runs right near our school. The Green way allows for people with a busy schedule a chance and a place to walk out away from it all. The grounds around the path are better maintained and thus green but they also run through many of the city parks.

Taking a jaunt through Lions park.

No lions in this park, you just have to watch out for the geese and the squirrels. This is another park that has a lot of  the Green way running through it. There is a lake for fishing along with playgrounds and a lot of places to picnic. The wonderful botanical garden is also located in Lions park and even in the winter is still a wonderful place to visit.

The weather is getting colder

Most of the critters I would like to try and show you are already turning in for the winter. This doesn’t mean that there is nothing to go out and find. Squirrel tag is still a fun game, unless your really scared of squirrels that is. There are also still lots of geese at the parks as well and they will chase you too.  The goal is to look at how nature is changing all the different colors, and enjoy the abstract designs that the bare trees branches make.


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