17th Street Haunted House Sets New Records

19 Oct

JD Highlands zombie makeup for the haunted house on October 13, 2012. (No there are no zombies in the haunted house)

The 17th Street Haunted House is well underway and we are scaring more victims than ever before!

The Chronicles of Haunted House Competition

As you may know, the opening night for the Knights of Pythias 17th Street Haunted House was Saturday, October 6th.  This year’s opening night has brought through more people than ever in the past 24 years of this Haunted Houses’ existence. This years record for attendee’s opening night was 204. Yeah! 204 people showed up opening night to prepare for the haunted season to come! How exciting.

In the past opening night’s attendance has never ventured past approximately 150 people. However, in the past opening nights have not been as fun as this one was assumed to be.

A New Twist

This year the Haunted House committee decided to spin an enchanting and enticing twist on this year’s opening night.

Instead of showing up in your regular street garb, it was announced that whomever decides to sport some zombie gear, their ticket for admission would be half price. If you ask me, half price is so worth it for a 15 room house of terrors, AND you get an extra excuse to dress up as a zombie.

Archived Records still to be broken

Apart from attendance records that are at an all time high this year, there are also other records to break.

Every year once a group goes through the haunted house they have a chance to vote on which room, in their opinion, was the best. (Of course any room that I work is going to be the very best, but they don’t know that) After receiving a tour, they fill out a sheet and rank the best rooms from best to worst and every year the room with the chainsaws wins. (I’m not going to tell you which room, but if you have been there before I’m sure you can deduce which one it is.)

This year, I want a chance for the other rooms that are more creative and take some actual theatrical skill to win! So, I am calling you. NO! Challenging you, to take the tour and vote for the room with the best scare, best theatrics and best overall set up. (Only if you are not scared enough to the point that you can actually remember them all!)

Don’t Miss Your Chance

In order for you to actually accept the challenge that was just aforementioned, you actually have to go. But! Have no fear, the haunted house will be running every weekend in October as well as the last 3 days in October. The house is open from 7 – 11 each night and there will be extended hours on Halloween.

For updates on times, rooms and prices visit the house’s Facebook Page.

Or check out my last post on the 17th Street Haunted House.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me on My Facebook.


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