The Master: Review

12 Oct

Photo by machu picchu via Flickr.

Overall Review

The Master is a beautiful film with a lot of depth, great acting, and a unique way of film making. Joaquin Phoenix’s performance carries the entire movie. From his stance, to his voice, to his mannerisms, Phoenix creates an entirely different person flawlessly. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s acting is incredibly believable, and he is the perfect counterpart to Phoenix. Besides the unbelievable acting, the cinematography is gorgeous. The movie wasn’t shot digitally, in fact, it was shot in 70 mm film. Having been shot in actual film, the film naturally feels like it’s set in the post-war era. The film aspect creates a perfect effect for all of the visual motifs set throughout the movie. Director Paul Thomas Anderson carefully crafted the film through intriguing dialogue, visuals, and talented actors.

I could create an entire blog explaining why this movie is so fantastic, but I don’t want to spoil it for you! Overall, the movie is fantastic, and I recommend it to anyone interesting in watching a solid dramatic film.

Limited Release

As I said in my previous blog post, the film has a limited release. I searched online for the reasoning for its limited release, and was unsuccessful in finding an answer. However, I have one guess as to why this is: the graphic nudity. Yes, without spoiling anything for you, there is nudity all throughout the film. It is used to depict the mindset of Joaquin Phoenix’s character and his illness, but it nonetheless graphic. It doesn’t pull any punches – you see everything. This is truly the only rational reason I can think of for having a limited release on such a wonderful film. At first I considered the fact that it might be an independent film, beside the fact that it contains A-list celebrities, but upon my research, the film actually had a large budget. Not only that, but Paul Thomas Anderson is a widely known director, and has directed other films that didn’t have a limited release. Perhaps there are film business related issues for its limited release, but for now, we can only assume that it’s the graphic nudity within the film.

More Info

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