Amble through Mylar park

12 Oct

Keeping it close to home

The Frontier mall is one of the few places we have to go to hang out in this town. A lot of people don’t have the time or money to travel very far so go to what is close and convenient. We all get tired of seeing the same little stores over and over again.

Calling for a change of scenery

Mylar park is off of the Greenway and is just a walk from the mall. Though it is close to a major road and nearly in the middle of town, the park feels secluded. There is a wonderful stream that runs through Mylar park and along the Green way.  Its a great way to get out and away from it all and also a great importunity to find some wildlife right in our back yard.

Looking for signs

If your not afraid to walk off the path and trudge through nature you can get down close to the stream. Its in the tall grasses and soft mud that you can find tiger salamanders, frogs, snakes and those mysterious turtles. Along the bank where the water has receded, its in this mud that all the critters burrow to brumate for the winter. In the spring when the snow melts it fills back up the stream softens up the dirt and the critters are able to crawl out of the mud. The mud also allows you to look for little trails left behind.


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