Turtle Turtle Turtle

11 Oct

Trudging through the shallows

Believe it or not but we really do have aquatic turtles that are native to our area. The Western Painted turtle can be found in marshy areas, muddy streams, lakes, and ponds.  Also another critter you can find on your walks on the Green way. I have heard that many people have found them in the stream behind Applebees.

How I wonder what you are

Painted turtles are easy to identify because of their brightly orange and yellow colored belly’s. The top of their shells are a muddy green color so that they can blend into their surrounding. They eat a little of everything from fish and insects to amphibians and aquatic plant life. They can reach a shell length of about 6 inches but we still dont know much about them in our area. For the winter they burrow down into the bottom of ponds or into the soft mud before it freezes.

Help wanted

Wait there is something you can do to help? That is right, the Wyoming Game and Fish does not know that much about the turtles in our area. They are not sure what their population is and just exactly how many places they inhabit. You can help by taking pictures and recording locations in which you see them and reporting it to the Wyoming Game and Fish.



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