Holy Crap

7 Oct

Don’t know who The Symbols are? Check this out first! https://lccclifeoncampus.wordpress.com/2012/10/02/what-the-funk/

The Symbols

I’m just going to let all of you know you missed on hell of a show. The Symbols surprised me in so many ways last night. I was genuinely excited to see them perform. All i’m thinking about while i watch them tune up is, “Is Jasco the real deal?”. When he played his first note, the answer to my question was a a huge yes. Some guitarists have a way of speaking through their tonality and Jasco is definitely one of those guitarists. Jasco did several amazing things but when he played the lead and rhythm parts at the same time my mind was blown. Don’t even get me started when Jasco sat down and busted out some of the most beautiful and polished Spanish Guitar I’ve heard since Rodrigo Y Gabriela. Besides the fact that Jasco blew my mind on several occasions there was the ever charismatic  Mer Sal. Mer Sal has only been playing bass since January but she was able to play a silky smooth solo likened to that of Victor Wooten. Needless to saw, I was impressed! Ryan Sapp threw in an amazing drum solo during “Shake It” that was super entertaining. The Symbols played an all original set list and did not fail to disappointing  They will be coming back in January of 2013 so make sure you don’t miss it. They are born entertainers! Keep and eye out for The Symbols! Like them on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/TheSymbols


Michaela Rae and the Miller Brothers

Its always a bad thing to show up late, but its never a bad thing to walk in to see a chick wailing out “Since I’ve Been Loving You”. Sure it’s auspicious to walk in during the outro of “Come Together” and then sit in on a Zeppelin spaceship, but the talent at the individual level fueled this band. Michaela Rae is an amazing guitarist! Everyone in this band is 20 years or younger. So here I am thinking to myself who are these guys? Seriously, who are these guys? When it said “special guests Michaela Rae and the Millers Brothers” it meant it! The next song they played was an original reminiscent of the rawness of Ted Nugent but with the subtle grooves of a Cream song(funny side note, the next song the played was a Cream song). They were a fun band with a lot of energy! Its hard to find dueling guitar solos unless you’re listening to a Steely Dan album. The most noteworthy parts of the act were athletic drumming and extremely polished music. First Impression: GO SEE THIS BAND. Check them out on facebook! http://www.facebook.com/MichaelaRaeTheMillerBrothers

Last night turned out to be a ridiculously fun event filled with grooves and funk. For $12 in an intimate setting with accomplished musicians was a night of pure bliss for me. Thanks to everyone who came! Hope to see you next time!

Questions about upcoming shows at the Gryphon? http://www.gryphontheatre.org/

Liked the show? Tell me about it!

The Symbols have a cd out called “A CD” check it out here! http://www.thesymbols.net/fr_home.cfm

25% of CD sales are donated to help find a cure for MS (founded by Mer Sal)


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