Enter the Flu Zone

6 Oct

Please, shoot the messenger

It’s that time again, when the weather starts having fits and people’s immune systems like to follow suit.  Loads of vitamin-C and obsessive hand washing are not always enough to head influenza off.  As the seasons turn cold and people are out and about, getting ready for all of the pre-holiday rushes, their systems start getting as worn out as they are.  Since most of us habitually ignore the warning signs of impending sickness,  the answer can be as simple as a sharp jab in the arm.  Sure, most places you go will charge you a little for a flu shot, but what is $20 or so against the misery of the dreaded flu?

flu shot

Flu Shot

Kids,germs, and shots

Children and parents are especially prone to come down with the flu.  Anytime two or more kids get together (at least that’s what it feels like) the germs have a holiday of their own.  We all know how kids just love to share these germs with their parents, who then in turn share them with their co-workers.  The glorious cycle of life in all respects!  Thankfully, the local school districts here in south eastern Wyoming are good about getting the information out.  Laramie County School District #2 , in the Burns and Carpenter area where I reside with my children, sent home a nice, vibrant-yellow announcement inviting all family and community members who would like to come down to LCSD#2 schools and get a flu shot.  They are only charging $20 and will be administering the vaccine from 7:30-8 a.m. at Burns High School, 8:30-9 a.m at Burns Elementary School, and 10:00-11 a.m. at Carpenter Elementary School on Tuesday, October 9.

Have shot, will travel

I guess that should be more like need shot”‘, but you get the point.  Or, at least, you should get the point–like on the end of a needle!  Why should you travel half-way to the Nebraska border when there are plenty of places in Cheyenne to get the vaccine?  You shouldn’t.  Just visit this link to see the various local outlets in this area that are offering the vaccination and their schedules.  The prices range from $15 – $30, dependent upon location and/or “patient status” for the clinics.  The sting of these shots are minimal, both in price and pain, and well worth it all around.  Just remember, no whining if you ignore the merits of a flu shot!

Here is a short clip from a podcast by the CDC on preventing the contraction and/or spreading the influenza virus.

CDC Flu podcast

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