Take a hike

5 Oct

A herping we will go.

Herping is short for herpetology, which is the study of reptiles and amphibians. Here locally we have over a dozen snakes, lizards and amphibians. Anytime we are outside we have a chance to run into one of these critters. The Greenway that runs through town has become very popular for biking and walking, it is also an opportunity to run into some of our scaly neighbors.

What do we have here?

The plains garter snake is one of our friendly locals. These guys can be found pretty much anywhere but tend to hang out near ponds and streams, because they love to eat frogs and salamanders. I have run into several of these guys along the Greenway and in Lions park. Though they are stinky because they musk as a defense they usually don’t bite, so if your feeling brave you can catch one.

Constrict and consume some more information.

I will post more about other critters that you can find out and about on your walk but here is some more information for those of you that didn’t close down the page when you saw a snake. If you are really into reading the Wyoming Game and Fish has a great atlas that tells you what local critters you can find and areas where you might be able to see them. The Wyoming Naturalist is my favorite site to go to to I.D. any critter that I find.


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