Cheyenne rocking finally?

5 Oct

A couple of weeks ago I attended a concert in Denver. The band that played was a meltcore band called “August Burns Red”. The band is pretty well known, but not so big that they are known everywhere. The show was at the Summit Music hall in downtown Denver. It was a small venue and the tickets were pretty cheap. While the show was awesome all I could think of was, why couldn’t they come to Cheyenne?

I wanna rock at home

Now going to Denver for a concert is no big deal, but why must I also have to travel to see my favorite bands? Especially since alot of my favorite bands are smaller, not overly popular bands. Also it seems like there are never any big name concerts in all of Wyoming (excluding mostly country bands, during Frontier Days). So why do no bands come to Wyoming? I honestly dont know. Maybe there isn’t a big enough fan base for them to come, but if they come they might create more buzz and get more fans. I personally know a lot of people who would go to these concerts.

A bright light on the horizon

Barely a week after seeing August Burns Red, I finally got an invite of Facebook to an event that I might actually attend. The band “Memphis May Fire” is coming to Cheyenne Nov. 6. Yes. Finally, a popular band, that I like is actually coming to Cheyenne. This band once again is well known but not overly big. So it seems like seeing them play in Cheyenne wouldn’t be that much of a streach, but the longest time it was. Now, however, in a perfect world this show, if it does well, could open the door for a whole bunch of other bands to start coming to Cheyenne, or even other cities in Wyoming. 

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