What the Funk?

2 Oct

The Grphyon Theatre continues their onslaught of excellent performances by featuring The Symbols this Saturday!


You can find some great tunes to listen to on their homepage! Go ahead, give them a listen!

Who are The Symbols?:

-Mer Sal: Lead Vocalist and Bass

-Jasco (simply)- Guitar

-Ryan Sapp- Percussion

The Symbols are described as a “pop” group out of Fort Collins. However, upon listening the depth of their style is endless. Sal’s voice is so sweet and soulful you almost forget how seductive she sounds (almost). As weird as it may sound, Sal is the perfect blend of Gwen Stefani and Stevie Nicks. Jasco adds a hint of exploratory guitar likened to the styles of Jeff Beck which harmonize so wonderfully with Sal’s voice. Jasco is a seasoned guitar pro and is definitely not a stranger when it comes to exploring the fret board. With such a dynamic duo at it helm, The Symbols are backed by Sapp on the drums which completes a talented and diverse lineup.


Give this one a listen!

Why You Should Go:

You can expect to hear sultry (yeah I said it!) solos wailing from Jasco’s guitar, Sal to belt blues with soul, and Sapp to deliver the groove. You will be able to identify elements of jazz, rock, indie, blues, soul, and funk with their set of unique tunes as well as an array of style swapped popular tunes. The Symbols are billed to put on an energetic and enjoyable show for any music lover. The Symbols will have a special guests Michael Rae and the Miller Brothers join them on Saturday!

So this Saturday, October 5th come to the Gryphon Theatre! Tickets vary in price from $10-12 and can be bought here: http://www.gryphontheatre.org/event/161231/

Hope to see you there!

Here’s another song to check out!


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