Comedic success!

25 Sep

Ozy members John Roedel, Rick Simineo, and Mark Horan.

Success and Security

Saturday’s improv show was a huge success! A nearly full theater eagerly watched the Ozymandian comedy group perform improvised sketches. All proceeds went to charity as usual, but I was fortunate enough to work as security, which means I got to watch the show for free! Since I know Rick Simineo, the head of the Ozy group, my boyfriend and I were able to work at the front of the theater and guard the doors until the show started. It was great to see the awesome turn out! It became so packed that we had to start herding audience members to the balcony seats!

Games Played/Show Set-up

The Ozy group constructs their improvised skits through a series of  improv games. Here is a thorough list of each game they played:

  • Emotions – As the group performed a skit, one member would shout out different emotions, and then the entire cast had to be those emotions.
  • Good, Bad, Worst Advice – One Ozy member asked the audience what questions they needed answers to, then one member would give good advice, one would give bad advice, and the last would give terrible advice.
  • Forward/Reverse – The group began a sketch while one member would randomly shout out “reverse”, then the group would have to perform the scene backwards, then when “forward” is shouted, the group would continue the scene normally.
  • Competition Round 1 – The group directed scenes, and at the end of every scene, the audience voted which scenes they liked the best, then three of the five group members were able to direct more scenes in the next round of competition. This game connected the whole show together, and was played throughout the night.
  • Chain Murder – Each Ozy member went outside of the theater doors except one. The one member collected a topic from each category: a celebrity, location, and object. Then, that member called in for another Ozy member and mimed each of those topics, and as soon as the second member thought they knew what each topic was, they “killed” the first member with the object. The game continuesd until each member played.
  • Competition Round 2 – The three remaining members directed three different skits, then the audience voted on which two they liked the best, then those two members were able to move onto the next round.
  • Slide Show – Two cast members acted like two different characters presenting a slide show to the audience. The rest of the cast, plus some audience members, would come onto the stage and pose each time the two members made a “click” sound, which represented the pictures in the “slide show”.
  • Competition Round 3 – The show ended with the final round of the competition, where the final two cast members directed two more sketches, and the audience voted on which one they liked the best. The winner “won” a microwave the cast found backstage of the theater.

The group during the game “Slide Show”.

Audience Participation

Audience participation is significant in each Ozymandian improv show. They are constantly asking the audience for topics for each skit, and even have some audience members come up on stage and perform with them! There was a lot audience participation during the show, and it created a fun and inviting atmosphere.

More Ozy Shows

To be informed on upcoming Ozymandian Theater shows, make sure to follow their website, Facebook page, and twitter! Their next show is in December, so don’t miss out!

Audience member Thomas Quinlivan enjoying taking part in “Slide Show”.


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