Robbery at Gryphon Theatre!

23 Sep

Whoever made it to the show at the gryphon last night made out like a bandit! 5 dollars was a steal for that level of entertainment. The crowd was relatively small but the energy and the atmosphere was electric.

How things started:

Meadow and the Larks is a 5 piece band from Laramie. They consist of a guitarist, drummer, trombone player, sax player, and a vocalist. The harmony between the two vocalists is a markee feature of the group. The two vocalists sound like a mix between Regina Spektor and Sherri DuPree-Bemis (the lead singer of Eisley). They blended a nice range of covers, from Bright Eyes, to Neutral Milk Hotel, and even Kid Cudi. The harmony was backed by a folky guitar and a subtle horn section. They played a diverse and entertaining set!

Meadow and the Larks

Then things got louder!

Shotgun Shogun was also a band from Laramie that was just a subtle lineup change away from Meadow and the Larks. The drummer for Meadow and the Larks also turned out to be a charismatic frontman. His raw guitar style drove the sound of the band. Soloing and playing the harmonica at the same time is an incredible feat and he killed it! The vocal/guitarist of Meadow and the Larks also joined on rhythm guitar. With athletic drumming and thumping bass lines the band was able to blend reggae, folk, and pure rock into a powerful machine. Their set of original songs were a nice blend of the raw and refined sides of rock.

Shotgun Shogun

Then finally….

As expected three beautiful ladies of Blue Bird stepped onto the stage and meekly went out the business. The six piece band sounded polished and were able to recreate the same mood as their recordings. The only thing better than two-piece harmony is three-piece harmony! The harmony was backed by wonderful guitar work and aesthetic sounds from synth work and piano work.  It was I managed to steal the set list (okay, so I asked politely, but whatever):
I still Believe
Cars cover (what they actually wrote)
Perfect Day
Give Me Light
Apple of My Eye
Waiting for the Fall
The War
You Got It.
The crowd was able to coax them into an extra song called “Don’t Leave Me”.

Blue Bird

The best part was the set list was written in colored pencil, on a napkin. These were amazing musicians and people. The show was absolutely worth it. The show was in an intimate setting filled with personal music. To those who made it, thanks for coming! To those who missed it, maybe you’ll think twice about going the Gryphon next time!

If you want to learn more about Blue Bird check out my other post!


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