Local Literary Life

21 Sep

Creating Nourishment, One Word at a Time!

“How does *nourishment relate to words?”, you say.  In order for growth, nourishment is essential whether it be for physical or intellectual development.  Writer’s and other lover’s of the written word need constant feeding.  Books are the main staple, but there are times when what is needed is the company of like-minded people, and this local fare can be scarce at times.  So, here I am.

Satisfying your need

If you need a little morsel of nourishment this weekend you might want to head down to Barnes & Noble where author C. M. Wendelboe is signing his newest installment of his Spirit Road Mystery series, ‘Death Where the Bad Rocks Live’.  Take a couple of minutes out your Sunday and head on down there around 1:00pm and listen/ask questions/chat with him.  Talk about what it takes to become an author, not just a writer.  Ask him how he felt when he crossed that line.  Remember that author’s like Wendelboe are people, too!

Writer’s Write

A small sampling of books

Being an author is not a mythical achievement, though it can be a very tough one.  If that is the direction your needs take to fulfill your own literary life, then head out to your local campus and check on upcoming  literature and/or creative writing classes that you could enroll in next semester.  After all, if you want to be a writer, then you really do need to practice writing.  There are also several author’s living in the Cheyenne area that have their own blogs where they would love to hear from book lovers, such as romance writer (and personal friend), Joanne Kennedy.  This is all just a taste of what you can find locally.


*Wikipedia defines nourishment as the provision of materials necessary to support life.


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