I am slain

20 Sep

Finished choreographed fight

Well I found a good way to spend my Thursday morning. Rapiers and Daggers basic for the stage did a fantastic job. It was a very short I wish there had been more performances. It was a small turn out for the show but for those of us that were that it was funny to watch and we had a few laughs.

Dueling it out

The student paired up and themed their fights. Their first fight was about over priced lobster the customer felt it was unfair that she should have to pay so much to enjoy a lobster. It boiled down to them each getting a final stab in.

The second fight was a fight between fairies to see who was the better fairy. Though they both ran out of pixie dust.

The third fight was over the honor of Mr. Figels, a beloved cat who was accused of being seen prowling in the alley. Said to say his champion was out of lives but was still able to make one final stand for Mr. Figels.


It’s OK, Jason says he will try to do more demonstrations of what the students are up to. He also mentioned that in the spring term he will be teaching an unarmed class. This is with no weapons other than your hands and feet. If you were really set on dueling with some swords Rapiers and Daggers will be offered again next fall. This would be a cool class to take just for fun.


At the end of the show the students presented their teacher Jason with a cake (it’s no lie) for his birthday. As one of the students put it he had one last year and it that time of year again. 



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