En Garde

17 Sep

Behold Rapiers and Daggers choreographed fight.


Rapiers and Daggers basics for the stage.  Instructor of Theater Jason Pasqua in an email wrote that his student have been working hard on choreographing a finished fight. “We’ve choreographed a pretty advanced fight.” If your looking for something different to do this week seeing a finished choreographed fight should be near the top of your list. Jason says it is open for everyone to come and see.


When: This Thursday Sept. 20 at 10 a.m.

Where:  Laramie County Community College in the Playhouse Theater

Finish it

En Garde is a french word said before a duel, usually with swords, means to prepare to be attacked. Choreographed fights are something we see in films all the time. They take hours of hard work and dedication to be able to play them out so they look real but no one is injured in the process. Jason Pasqua said that the fight is so advanced that, if it had actually taken 30 hours to do, it could be presented as a Skills Proficiency Test with  Society of American Fight Directors.


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