What are you doing next Saturday?

13 Sep

“What are we going to do?” is the single most overused phrase in Wyoming. I myself am guilty of using it time and time again. However, a wonderful band named “Blue Bird” is looking to change things.

Blue Bird

-Blue Bird is made up of:

Marta Fielder (vocalist/guitarist/pianist)

Julie Crowell (vocals/percussion)

Darci Boyer (vocals/keyboards)

Vince Giambattista (guitar)

Matt McClure (bass)

Rob Mathews (drums) and when she’s not busy with Eli Mardock,

Carrie Mardock (vocals, keyboards, violin)

-From: Omaha, Nebraska

Style: Indie/Blues/Soul/Americana

-Sounds like: Modest Mouse, Ben Folds, Bright Eyes, and the Killers. (If those bands had babies and those babies had a baby together, of course)

Listen for yourself!


Why you Should Go

In every interview Fielder has done to promote “Blue Bird” she simply replies to that question by saying, “HOT CHICKS!” While its true the band is mostly female they are also all immensely talented. Blue Bird is able to capture soft piano melodies backed by ambient distortion filled guitar and somehow blend Marta’s sweet and unique voice into pure bliss. The music speaks….er sounds for itself. This is wonderful music, made by an extremely talented lineup.

Where is it?

The show is at the Gryphon Theatre in Laramie, Wyoming on Saturday, September 22nd! Tickets cost only 5 dollars! Its a bargain considering “Blue Bird” will be joined on by “Shotgun, Shotgun” and a local Laramie band called “Meadow and the Larks”. It’s a total bargain for a night of music!

You can purchase tickets here! http://www.gryphontheatre.org/event/95473/ It will redirect you to ticketfly!

So, what are you doing next Saturday?




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