Student tells all…about self

7 Sep

Who I am

Jeffrey Brown is a student at Laramie County Community College and a family man with four children, as well as a pseudo-geek.  In addition to being a full-time student and part-time member of the workforce, he mostly enjoys being home with his kids and playing World of Warcraft with his sons while his 18 month old daughter destroys the house.  He is an avid reader of Science Fiction/Fantasy and a wannabe writer with dreams of getting his own work published someday.  This dream is not entirely without hope as he took second place in a writing contest at the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writer’s convention several years ago and was praised by several well-know authors (no name dropping…yet).


What is a pseudo-geek, one might ask.  In the case of Jeff it is a matter of contradictions and balance.  First off, appearance.  A shaved head, goatee, pierced ear, and multitude of tattoos (including a wedding-band) don’t normally point to a standard geek.  Neither does the well-dressed (majority of tattoos hidden), pleasant, soft-spoken, mild-mannered, forty-something dad persona.  But if you check his bookshelves, both paper and electronic, you will find an astounding number of SF/Fantasy novels.  On those actual wood bookcases there will also be several real swords and other medieval weapon along with miniature knights in armor.  On the electronic shelves high-res pictures from WOW and other fantasy realms makeup the desktop wallpaper.  Then there are the number of hours playing video games, which he refuses to calculate and set down in print.  But, he does know the difference between reality and fantasy and when to draw the line for priorities.  While he may sometimes wish to live in a fantasy world, he also knows that his life with his wife and kids is far more important to him.  Now, his part-time job might be different story though.

What I am all about

Jeff is a very much a family man.  He is working towards a degree in Computer Information Systems with an emphasis on Web Design.  He wants to use his creativity (see Pseudo-geek) to help provide for his family in a career that is fully satisfied.  He has worked in two other career fields, as an X-raytechnologist in a trauma hospital and Retail Management of a bookstore, but is looking for a career that embodies his technical skills and creative desires.

What I will contribute to the blog

Jeff will cover events that are happening at Barnes & Noble Bookstore, from author signing’s to literacy events and special occasions such as Educator’s night.


3 Responses to “Student tells all…about self”

  1. thisusernameisrediculous September 13, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    I have to ask, Jeffrey. Where did you get that image? I certainly hope it is your image and not one that copyrighted that was lifted from another site.

    • jeffreyabrown September 13, 2012 at 1:54 pm #

      It was from a free clip art gallery I found on google several years ago. I have been using it as a “personal picture” for many years, on facebook and other sites as well as in my web design classes.

      • thisusernameisrediculous September 17, 2012 at 9:04 am #

        For my classes, you are required to use original imagery whenever possible. Please try to produce your own images in the future.

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