Crazy Snake Lady

7 Sep

Who am I:

Well I’m still trying to figure that out myself. My name is Cassie Knighten (soon to change) I grew up in Cheyenne, WY graduated from East High School in 2006 and then moved to Portland, OR to attend The Art Institute of Portland. I was working on a BA in visual effects and motion graphics, specializing in 3-D modeling and composting. Unfortunately I was unable to finish and moved back to Cheyenne to help family. Spent some time out of school and realized I really wanted to get a degree. This is my second term at Laramie County Community College, I am working on an associates in mass media multi-media.

What I’m about:

My biggest passion is animals, pretty much any and all animal.  I have 2 dogs, a cat, a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, 19 snakes, and a large number of rats that I raise. I also have my sisters dutch rabbit that gets to stay with me while she is going to school at the University of Wyoming. I enjoy reading, playing games on the x box, spending time with my future husband, and watching movies though I can be very picky about what I watch. I also love riding horses and working with horses. I train dogs and horses.

I have tried to experience as much as I can in life I will try just about anything at least once. Love going on road trips and seeing new places. I am a very straight forward person that can seem abrasive to people who don’t know me. I am one of those weird people that likes to learn new things and I try to learn as much as I can.

What I will contribute:

Alright so I think this will be fun, what I would like to do is post little logs of what my animals are up to, they all have huge personalities and I know this sounds nuts but I can hear whole dialog for them and the things they do. So I hope no one is to squeamish because there will be post from rats, snakes, lizards, and any other critter that gets my attention and I can capture an image of. Oh pictures lots of pictures.


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