Calling all troops

27 Nov

Recruiting Support 

As discussed in prior blogs, when starting a workout you need support weather that be family, friends, or even strangers that feel your pain. When I asked friends about exciting workout programs all recommended P90X, none bothered to let me know how hard exhausting it becomes. Remember P90x is a 90 day program with workouts daily for approximately anywhere from 75 to 95 min each day. So call in the troops to support you through this workout program. Anyone who tells you this program is easy makes sure they come to join you for a couple workouts. Unfortunately the one negative aspect of P90X is that there are no actual classes located here in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the cost of the product to perform it at home is approximately $140, plus additional equipment such as dumbbells, Chin lift bars,  lifting gloves and if you have them form yoga also a yoga mat. Since there are no groups located in Cheyenne, WY I have found several sites that offer the support needed, reviews, chats, basically a community for P90X even on Facebook.

Weigh it out: Pros vs. Cons

Every Workout has advantages as well as disadvantages and P90X is no different.

P90X program Pros:

P90X provides a wide variety of workouts which prevents boredom, boosts metabolism and increases muscular strength and endurance through strategic muscle confusion.

It is a balanced workout program that targets all the major muscle groups and provides overall body conditioning.

P90X workouts can be performed in the privacy and convenience of one’s own home.
The DVDs have a play option to mute the music and/or Tony Horton’s incessant chatter so that users can listen to more preferable music during their workouts.

  • The workout schedule provides two options depending upon the user’s goals. Lean P90X includes more cardio workouts while Classic P90X focuses more on strength training.
  • The warm-up and cool down stretches are fabulous and could be easily added to other workouts for increased flexibility and injury prevention.
  • Detailed analytics and measurement tools are included to help track progress and increase motivation.
  • The program provides unmatched results.

P90X program Cons:

  • As we discussed the program plus extra equipment will cost you approximately close to $200. Take into consideration that this would be a onetime fee unlike those monthly gym membership fees. Although this is a onetime fee you still have to buy groceries. So you’re thinking I do that anyways. Well no the intensity of P90X requires you to eat more because you are burning more calories than normal.
  • Also discussed is the time that you have to a lot for the 90 day period. A minimum of an hour day to sometimes two hours depending on the workout you choose that day. Due to the intensity of the workout there is a risk of injury because you strain your muscles to an extreme. This workout is extreme with plenty of warnings given at the beginning of each video. Tony repeatedly instructs users to “bring it!”  Especially determined individuals with type A personalities are more prone to “bring it” too far to the point of injury.  Increase resistance and reps gradually to reduce the risk of injury, and take care to use proper form.
  • Muscles must be worked to exhaustion to grow, so muscle soreness is a given with this workout program.
  • Every workout seems to have at least a few incidences of profanity.  It is not recommended that users perform this video in earshot of young children who will likely repeat Tony Horton’s profanity. Once you have done the program for a bit though you can mute Tony and work off of what you see. Plus if performing P90X you probably don’t let you kids play too close in distance to you in fear of injury on them accidentally.




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