Military Style Weight Loss

24 Nov

Get Rid … Don’t Lose 

90 days of intense extreme workouts with the science of muscle confusion will make you drop weight without wanting to find it ever again. When you lose weight, you really haven’t lost it. Losing means looking for something to try to find it again. You want to get rid of it. Many people hit the gym straight for a month or so and then life catches up to them or they just cannot schedule it in, or they give up completely. Well previously discussed workouts like Pilates, Yoga, and Zumba can all be done from the home optionally, P90X on the other hand you will only want to consider only doing it at home. P90X will transform your idea of home fitness once and for all. P90X is based on twelve workouts that are alternated throughout the 90days and sticking to a nutrition plan.

Creating P90X

P90X was created by Tony Horton who spent 20 years creating this program from his expertise in all areas of fitness. Tony Horton is your own personal trainer throughout the whole workout, providing encouragement, humor, and most of all discipline. You know all those Hollywood diets? Well we can work with that. The clientele for P90X includes movie stars, professional athletes, and just regular ordinary people like you and me who want to change their bodies into something extraordinary.

Confusing your Muscles … Eliminating the Plateau

When you hit the gym sure you sweat a little bit here and then take a break then sweat a little more, but P90X pushes you to where you are constantly working out different muscles of your body using the method of confusion. Confusing your body with switching up the routine is what makes this program really work. When you hit the gym constantly you lose weight and then your body starts to plateau after a few weeks, but when you’re confusing your body, you’re mixing up your routine, so you maximize your results.

  • Short training cycles constantly challenge your muscles with variety and intensity.
  • P90X maximizes fat burning and muscle sculpting in different ways every day.
  • No plateau effect means each phase of P90X is as effective as the first.

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