Cornucopias to decorate your kitchen

21 Nov

About Mini Cornucopias

Thanksgiving week is here, so why not decorate the house all up with Thanksgiving things? The first thing I have chosen for a good decoration is making miniature Cornucopias. It is a shape of a horn and often filled with food to represent the harvest and the most common symbol of Thanksgiving besides eating turkey. I love keeping things small and edible, and this was something I helped make on Saturday to prepare for a Thanksgiving dinner that was on Sunday.


  • Waffle cones are preferred, but any ice cream cone will do
  • Chocolate, brown or white, to dip in- a package or two
  • A few bags of nuts, candy corn, candy pumpkin, or anything else that would fit inside the cone

How to make it

First use a small pan and melt the chocolate. After the chocolate is ready then dip the ice cream cone in it until the very top of it is covered. Wait for the chocolate to become sturdy and dry. Then fill it up with a mix of goodies and you have a Cornucopias. 🙂

Places to decorate

The best place to decorate the kitchen with these miniature Cornucopias is the kitchen table and counters. It can also be placed by the TV or on the small table in the living room. After you are done with this cute little decoration just give it to the kids, eat it, or give it away.

Some websites to visit

Good illustration of one

An ancient symbol

Don’t forget to be thankful on Thanksgiving Day and hope the weather is great. There are going to be Thanksgiving dinners for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to have that dinner with the help of volunteers in Cheyenne. Enjoy!


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