Fun things to do at the old Depot

20 Nov


There are a bunch of interesting things to do at the depot this year.  In this article, you will learn a few ways to go to the past a couple of days this year so you can have more fun learning about this form of transportation.   For a few more things than what is listed here, click here.

Things that can make you jolly this Christmas
There are a ton of things to do at the Depot around Christmas.  Decorating it is one.  Another one can be to watch a parade near this nice classic place.  One more thing you can do is drop off a Recipe and pick up another one. All of this can be done on November 26.   For more information on how to get some holiday cheer at the depot, click here.

This year marks an interesting time for a classic landmark
Did you know the Depot is 125 years old this year?  It has been a gathering place all its life.  It can do stuff like weddings, Birthday parties, and the like.  If you want more information of what this place has spent most of its life doing, then you can go to this website.

There is an interesting thing out there called Depot Days
There will be a rare sight at this place on May 19th when there will be a couple unusual railroad areas to be open this day (roundhouse and Steam Shop for the train stations).  There is also going to be an art competition for people to compete for prize money and be able to have their art displayed permanently in the depot.  There is also a ton of fun for the whole family for other things.  What is stated here and a couple more things are listed here.

Before you go, if you want to see what other people said about their fun at the depot, go to this review site.


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