Ice Fishing Wyoming

17 Nov

Ice Fishing Wyoming

Fish Still Bite When It’s Cold
Ice fishing in Wyoming is one of those sports that you might not hear much about via mainstream media but has an almost fanatical following that borders on the obsessive. While sitting on the ice and fishing through a hole while being sandblasted by the wind and snow may not sound great, to many it is the only way to fish.

Ice Fishing is Manly
Ice fishing is not for the faint of heart, enduring cold and wind in pursuit of fish takes a special kind of fisherman. Pulling a sled full of gear across the ice, drilling a hole and widening it with a chisel, and keeping the water clear of slush and snow that can accumulate just does not appeal to some people. Yet others drag elaborately constructed houses or shacks out on the ice that have heaters, televisions and all the comforts of home.
Many ice fishermen pursue their sport with just as much enthusiasm as open water fishermen and the intricate lengths they go to reach their goals are pretty impressive. Loading dogsleds with gear, or backpacking your equipment across frozen wastelands of ice takes a dedication that is unmatched by many types of sports.

Fish are Hard to Catch
One of the things that is echoed by many people is that “Fish are hard to catch in the winter”. Well fish are hard to catch due to ice, but they still have to eat and the only way they are going to do that is by actively pursuing prey and feeding. This is the pattern that ice fishermen exploit and count on utilizing to catch the fish.
Primary methods of catching fish are not much different than fishing in the summer. Many fishermen use short poles allowing them to sit close to the hole in the ice to peer underwater. They can also use a contraption that straddles the hole and once a fish is hooked it releases a flag alerting the fisherman.

Dress Warm!
In Wyoming the winter temperature can plummet to record lows and once you add the wind chill in it can become deadly in minutes. Warm clothing is a must and layering is important at these temperatures and shelter is important as well. A simple lean to or windbreak can also help these conditions become more bearable
Another important facet that many fishermen tend to forget is food and drinks. Your body burns a vast amount of energy at these temperatures to keep you warm so snacking constantly on foods that are high in fats and proteins can help. Hot coffee and other drinks are a plus as well.

Safety on the Ice
I am going to be brief on this topic and hit it a bit more in depth on my next post, but safety on the ice is the most important factor of the whole sport. Where the ice may be feet think in one spot, another section of ice not far away may only be inches thick due to currents or water temperatures. Wyoming is one of the most geologically active states in the US and is home to hundreds of hot springs and there are many more that empty into the lakes and rivers that have not been found yet.

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