From Contributor To Admin (Part 2): Building Your Blog’s Fanbase

14 Nov

As a follow up to From Contributor To Admin: Running Your Own Blog (read the whole thing here), I bring you guys part two of this, sure-to-be, wildly successful, two-part, series.

So I’m assuming that at this point you’ve picked a unique and thoughtful topic for your blog, that you have some expertise on, you’ve chosen a catchy and clever domain name, you’ve established a Facebook fan page and Twitter feed, you’ve set up a classy and professional layout and you’ve written a few posts, blazing a path to internet stardom. Now I’ll give you guys a few tips on the hard part, building up your blog’s fanbase and traffic.

1. SEO:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization is one of the biggest things that the various website’s giving tips on how to increase your traffic will pound into your head. For good reason, SEO is pretty damn important. SEO is the process of making your blog and it’s posts more visible and attractive to search engines through techniques such as cross-linking, which is linking to other websites across the internet. Link-baiting, which is writing a blog post pertaining to some subject or headline that is dominating the news, or adding relevant data in your post’s meta data. SEO can also be increased by indexing your blog with Google, Yahoo, etc.

2. Participating In Forums:

Ah. Forums. Regardless of the subject of the forum, they are equally the most entertaining and infuriating form of communication with others in the world. The key to gaining traffic to your blog through forum participation is a few steps. Find a few of the most popular forums that pertain to your blog’s subject. Create an account on the forums, all with the same name, ideally your blog’s name. When setting up your account, put up links to your website, FB page and Twitter account in your signature and make your avatar your site’s logo. Participate in the forum actively and be sure to give insightful, provocative and helpful feedback whenever you post, it increases credibility and drives people to see your own site.

3. Blogroll Exchanges:

Another great way to increase traffic and also get other people who share your interests to notice your blog is to find blogs dedicated to the same subject matter as yours, preferably around the same level as yours, or close to it. By this I mean, don’t start a blog dedicated to cooking and then expect a blog run by Emeril or Bobby Flay to want to exchange blogroll links, you have to start small. Find some blog’s that are about your pace, send them a friendly e-mail explaining your blog, with a link to it, then ask if they would like to mutually benefit each other by exchanging blogroll links. This is great because whenever someone visits a site that has you on blogroll, they can visit by just clicking on your site’s name.

Well there you have it prospective bloggers, three helpful tips for any of you frustrated or wondering how to increase traffic and start to build a fan base, as always, I hope I helped!

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