From Contributor To Admin: Running Your Own Blog

9 Nov

As the end of this semester comes closer and closer to the end, I think it’s safe to say that everyone who has contributed articles to the LCCC Arts, Entertainment & Lifestyles Blog  learned a thing or two about blogging in general and the details that go into a solid blog post.

As the admin of my own personal blog, on top of being a contributor to this blog, I thought it would be a creative and fun idea to give an informative post to, not only, the readers of this blog, but also all the contributors of this blog; just in case any of your guys’ interest has been piqued enough to possibly start your own WordPress blog and start your own path of anonymous internet stardom (lol).

Before heading over to WordPress’s site, buying a domain, or getting a free one with .wordpress at the end (ew, please don’t, no one wants to have to type that and having just a “dot com” adds a lot more credibility and professionalism to the domain name), and diving into a subject of your choosing, there are a few things you need to consider and do:

1. Picking Your Subject/General Topic:

This is BY FAR the most important aspect of starting your blog. It might seem like an obvious statement, but choosing something your passionate and have at least an elementary level of knowledge about is crucial to a successful and long-lasting blog. Don’t pick anything you may get bored of writing about, and having a base level of knowledge and/or experience with the subject will give you credibility. Lastly, when it comes to picking a subject, find the sweet spot between too general and too specific. If the subject is too specific, you’ll have a hard time updating your blog with frequent, fresh content and could inadvertently alienate readers you would want to be part of your readership. If the blog is too general, there will just be too damn much content to cover and  you’ll become overwhelmed and the vast amount of things you have to cover will limit you from getting a little in-depth in your posts and showing your true expertise and knowledge.

2.  Choosing A Domain Name:

Your domain name, which should obviously be the title of your blog, is extremely crucial. Think of the blog as your business and the domain name is your company’s name…so, the very first impression people will have of your blog. Don’t half-ass this, it can make or break the popularity of your blog. The domain and title  of the blog should be creative, give an idea of what the blog’s subject is, and also reflect your own personality and the “tone” of your blog (I’ll get more into personality and tone in a bit).


You can even do this one before purchasing your domain name, but it’s better to buy the domain name first, just to ensure you have the exact domain name that your heart desires. Immediately upon getting your domain name secured, your butt better be opening Facebook and Twitter tabs on your internet browser, as you will never reach the full potential of your audience without these two tools. A Facebook fan page and Twitter account will help notify your blog’s followers when new content is up on the blog and will also help you gauge your blog’s popularity and progress. Both of these site’s have widgets you can insert onto your blog’s homepage, making it easy for visitors to “Like” or “Follow” you, or both.

4. Choosing A Professional and Appropriate Theme:

One of the fantastic things about WordPress is the availability of an abundance of unique “themes” for your blog. “Themes” are the layout of your blog and how visitors will see your homepage. Depending on how your organize content and how frequent you post should be determining factors in the type of theme you choose, as well as your personal taste. Feel free to try out themes until you find one to your liking, just make sure that once you pick one and start gaining an audience, don’t switch it up on them often, or at all, as it can slightly annoy some readers (believe me, smaller things than this can piss off people on the internet, just go and reader literally any forum or comment section).

5. Blog, Blog, Blog:

Once you have your blog’s topic picked, you have your  domain purchased, you have your blog’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, you have your layout all pretty and to your liking, social media widgets and all, there’s only one thing left to do. Just dive in and start writing. There is no preliminary exercise to putting up your own blog post, in the word’s of Nike, “Just Do It.” Just make sure you do it well. A blog should reflect your personality and tone, thus, so should your writing. Don’t try and go all NBC’s Brian Williams when  writing about a subject or become another person, your own personality should be reflected in your writing. Don’t pander to a certain audience and don’t try and gain wider popularity by being something your not, you want your readers to love/hate/respect/despise/adore/admire/revile/(strong adjective here) you because of who you are. When it comes to the internet and gaining attention and visitors to your blog, any attention is good attention.

Well there you have it. Those are my tips for getting started on your very own blog. From personal experience I can say that having a blog has been awesome. Not only is it a great creative outlet, a great way to spend time, and a great way to garner a few hundred people to read what I have to say, thus making me feel way more important than I actually am; but blogging has helped me become a much better writer and has given me experience in using the internet and social media more effectively, which is a necessary tool for success in today’s day and age. I really do hope this helps any of you who have been considering blogging, good luck!

For more info on starting a blog:



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