Positions from Within

5 Nov

Positioning Your Body

Yoga is a series of 26 postures conducted over 90 minutes, beginning with one warming up breathing exercise, progressing through 24 postures and finishing with one toxin eliminating breathing posture.

Planting roots in Cheyenne

There are three locations in Cheyenne that Hot Yoga can be found. The Yoga Zion Studio, Sedona for Women and ACT Two Studios are all local locations located within the Cheyenne city limits. All hold Hot Yoga classes several times a week for anyone who is interested and is trying to fit it into a busy schedule.

Dealing with Temperature

The ideal hot yoga temperature for hot Yoga is between 98Degrees F and 106 degrees F. The reason for such high temperatures is to match your body temperature and exceed it making your muscles more flexible. The Hazard that we face living here in Cheyenne with working out in high temperatures is that the weather outside is usually extremely cold and becomes easier for us to catch a cold or flu due to our bodies being too hot. That is why after the last posture Hot Yoga contains a 10 minute cooling down period. Also it is recommended to bring a jacket for after your workout.


To Learn more about each pose check out the links below:




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