Art and food- the art walk

5 Nov

November art walk from Art, Design, and Dine preview

Art, Design, and Dine is almost here. This month it is on November 10. There are 10 galleries available to go to just like last time. It is fun looking at things different artists have done and step into these creative minds.

Galleries to go to

Any of these places would be a great way to spend your evening.

  1. Artful Hand and Gallery- a place to enjoy seeing handcrafted work of art that you might or might not have even heard of
  2. I.Qlinary
  3. Prairie Wind
  4. Nagel Warren B&B- artist in or out this mansion has a taste for art
  5. Deselms Fine Art- walls covered in paintings from floor to ceiling
  6. The Studio/Offices of Architect Glen Garrett
  7. The Ancient Sage
  8. Clay Paper Scissors Gallery and Studio
  9. Lights On! At the Hynds Building- emphasis on life drawing, though challenging it is fun to do
  10. Cheyenne Artists Guild- A very nice gallery that gives ample room for any painting or drawing

Note: I have not gone to all the galleries but do want to give an accurate description of them.

Discounts for going to any 4 galleries

  • The Library Cafe- 15% off your total purchase
  • Ruby Juice- 50 cents off any size smoothie
  • Re-O-ni Sushi Bar and Thai Cuisine- 10% off your order

A path to creative minds

December 8 is the last art walk before they take a break until April. Please feel free to attend Art, Design and Dine to see which artists are visiting, listen to music, and enjoy snacks.


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