Weightloss Differences

4 Nov

Weightloss Differences between Men and Women
Why does it seem like women can just look at pie and gain weight yet men can eat just a
little less and watch the pounds drop off the scale? This post is going to look at a few of the key differences between men and women and ways to make those differences work for you!

Its all in the testosterone…
As we all know, in general men are larger and have more muscle than women due to the abundance of hormone testosterone. By design us men are genetically predisposed to have a higher percentage of muscle and less fat which helps us keep fit and eat more.
One of the primary ways women can even the odds to burn fat at a higher rate is to lift weights which accomplishes two goals: getting your metabolism moving and it also helps strengthen your bones, preventing osteoporosis. It also helps you trim up and add definition which is one of the reasons you want to work out right?

Some of the reasons women gain more weight
One of the primary reasons women gain is the difference in dietary needs between the sexes. For example, men need a higher amount of calories to support their bodily needs, so it is much easier for them to shed the extra pounds. Women on the other hand need less calories so when they cut calories out of their already smaller portions, can often leave them hungry and irritable.
Men also tend to take a more direct approach to weight loss then females, using a checklist and making goals for themselves. And if they should fall behind, they increase their weight or often work out more often whereas women will cut portion size or skip eating.


We are what we eat
Men are often more defined by what they eat, where women are defined by what they “don’t” eat. Now this is often affected by culture and role models, but men tend to be much more direct when it comes to dieting, such as cutting things out completely such as a “tell me what to eat and not to eat and I will do it” type scenario where many women tend to try to work more flexibility into their diet and instead trying to watch calories as opposed to specific foods.
This is not to say that any of this is a hard and fast rule or even the usual way things work, but many dietitians and trainers have found this to be true in many cases.

Schedules and Rules
As with anything, having a schedule and sticking to it can often help you much more than attempting to wing it, or doing it all in your head. Things such as workout logs, food logs, and even a workout partner can help you focus and stay on track.
And as I tell my wife, keeping track of one’s progress should not be measured against what your partner or friend is accomplishing but against what your goals are. If you only focus on that, you will see that things are not as stagnant as you believe.

Differences between the Sexes
Why men lose weight faster


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