Path of Your Own

4 Nov

Simple Changes

There are parts of our being that we would like to change. Some are small and some are states of mind. We can all make our selves better by make a little more effort in one area or just stop doing something completely.

Small Habits

We all have them. Small little habits that can be a giant nuisance to everyone. The best way that we can break out of these habits is by not doing that habit for 24 hours. If that does not work do it for 3 days. After you see the change you will have trouble times keeping it, but once it starts it usually does not stop.

Open Minded

Many people that I know can only think a narrow linear path, that leads them to a path of misery. Those that think well differently are the ones that become who they really are and want to be. Steve Jobs did the campaign “Think Different” in 1997 to boost sells in Apple Computers, and it worked. Because Steve could think not on one path but many he was able to bring Apple Computers from near death.

Reading Online


There are hundreds of Ebooks for your iPad, Kindle, Nook, and other tablets computers to learn about how your path should be walked by reading books that give stories and quotes from people like Buddha and other get people.


Some websites that want to help you on your way will give free PDF documents that you can read just like a ebook, but the are almost 100% free of charge. The Big View ( website gives philosophy on what some of the great philosophers have wrote.



Really a very simple way to relax is to meditate. You probably will not get in mediation straight up, but with practice you can unlock your mind. How To Mediate ( can help you on your way to relaxation. They also offer free books to help you.


Just a simple walk with relaxing music of nature or nature itself you can relax and collect your thoughts that have you worry or you can have your mind a blank slate. The longer the walk the more relaxed you are.


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