A P90x Lifestyle

4 Nov
  • We’ve All Seen & Heard About It

We’ve all seen the infomercials, the “Joe Sick-Packs” (kind of misleading term, unless your get the term “beer-belly”) completely transforming their bodies and overall fitness level over the course of 90 days, P90x creator and instructor, Tony Horton, telling us through the TV screen how anyone can do it, along with the low(??) cost of $139.80 (that’s not mentioning accessories that are practically necessary: yoga/plyometrics jump mat, pullup bar and free weights or resistance bands), it almost seems to good to be true.

  • But Is It?

At the beginning of September, after a long deliberation process and extensive research all over the internet; reading personal p90x blogs, professional opinions and all other types of p90x related information, I decided to take the plunge and splurged on the DVDs, pullup bar, mat, resistance bands as a package deal.

I considered myself to be in pretty damn good shape, I had just spent the entire summer working as a laborer for Sawyer Waterscaping in Cheyenne, which entailed 8+ hours of hard, physical labor five days a week, on top of a regular weight lifting and cardio schedule, 4 times a week. Because of this fact, P90x, to me, didn’t seem very scary, and I didn’t feel that I was about to embark on some life changing transformation, I just viewed it as a challenge.

  • My Experience (Thus Far)

After about 2 months of a combination of P90x and lifting weights, I can safely say that P90x has transformed my view of overall fitness and changed my fitness goals in ways I had never expected, not to mentioned consistently challenges me and also makes everyday of exercise completely different from the last one. Here’s my take on P90x and each individual DVD:

Checkout the official P90x Page on Team Beachbody’s Website Here

Here’s an interesting article about P90x I found on Mens Health’s website Here


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