Sweet summer time

2 Nov

Joys of summer

Bur! Here comes the snow. Here in Wyoming it feels like winter drags on and the summer zooms by. The three short summer months we have should be fulfilled with aventure and spending time with family and friends. There are many outdoor activities that every member in the family can enjoy. Spending time at the lakes are one of the best ways to spend time outside because there are so many things to do. Riding four-wheeler’s, boating, tubing, skiing, fishing, or just getting your tan on are great ways to enjoy the summer.


Just a little over an hour way from Cheyenne  there are many different great lakes to spend time at. Glendo reservior is the largest lake in Wyoming and probably the best lake to travel to.

  • Little Res (Wheatland, Wyoming)
  • Glendo reservoir (Glendo, Wyoming)
  • Gray Rocks reservoir (Wheatland, Wyoming)
  • Guernsey Lake (Guernsey, Wyoming)

Never handcuffs

Before taking your boat the lakes, make sure you meet all Wyoming boating regulations so your family vacation doesn’t turn into a family nightmare. Make sure your watercraft is properly registered and meets expectations. Also, if you are going to go fishing, make sure you and everyone else planning to fish as an up to date fighting licence. The Wyoming Game and Fish website list important rules and regulations.

Fuel, check. Sunscreen, check. 

If you head to the lake next summer make sure you remember everything you need. Driving to town to get things can be annoying and it waste time you could be having a blast! If riding quads or boating remember to make sure the tanks are full of gas and it may be a good idea to bring extra gas tanks. No one wants to look like a lobster so don’t forget the sunscreen. Other items such as bug-spray, towels, extra clothes, chap-stick, life-vest food, and drinks are important necessities. Remember a good attitude! No one wants to hang with a grump.


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