Fun in water

2 Nov

It’s not all that bad

When spending time at the lake, it’s not much fun if you don’t know how to swim. While it’s rather hard to teach without being in the water coming from a swimming instructor as myself, this may help. Become comfortable under water before trying to learn strokes. Bobbing up and down in the water and learning to hold your breath are great ways to accomplish this. Never panic when learning how to swim!

The basics

The number one important thing to remember when learning how to swim is not to panic. Panicking can cause more problems and can put you in danger. Also never go into deep water until you are ready with out a life jacket. Learning  how to maintain buoyancy is the first step in leaning how to swim. You will never be able to swim well if you can’t float. To float, simply lay back as if you were trying to lay on top of the water. Put you belly to the sky and remain calm. Having someone support your back with their hands can help you get used to feeling what its like to float. After being able to float on your back, try floating on you stomach. When floating on your front, get comfortable with putting your face in the water.


Doggie paddling is not a stroke. It may get you from point a to point be but it is going to take awhile. The most popular stroke and the most effective would be the front crawl. This crawl is done on your stomach. Start by learning the kicks. The front crawl kicks are call the flutter kicks. Kick your legs back and fourth without bending them at the knee. Remember, you are trying to swim, not ride a bike under water. For the arms, start by bringing one arm up out of the water  with you fingers together. Come up by your ear and glide back into water gently. Repeat this process with the other arm. The movement is simple to a windmill motion. Once you have mastered the kicks and arm movements, put both together.

More with front crawl

After mastering the kicks and arms, it is time to add the breathing. It may sound complicated but it is rather easy. You only breath to one side when swimming the front crawl. When your right arm comes out of the water tilt you head to the right to take a breath. When you right arm goes back down, place face back into the water. Some people may breath to the left side instead of the right. If this is the case, simply change the word right to left. You tube has many videos to show all these steps in motion.


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