It’s all about the bean and the machine

21 Oct

More than half the adults in the United States drink coffee on a regular basis and there are plenty of shops that provide for this need but the best cup of coffee comes straight from your coffee maker. Select, store and grind your way to the perfect cup of joe.

Selecting the perfect bean

There are generally three areas coffee beans are grown Asia-Indonesia-Pacific, Africa/Arabia, and Central/South America. The Arabica bean is usually preferred for everyday coffee.

    Select the roasting style for the type of coffee you prefer:

  • Light– Roasted for a shorter amount of time which allows for the bean’s personal characteristic flavors to shine. Light roast allow coffee drinker to taste the differences in where the beans were grown, soil conditions and weather
  • Dark– This style has grown in popularity lately, maybe from mass marketing because this method destroys much of the bean’s flavor since it is roasted for a longer amount of time. Good and bad flavors within the bean are burned away leaving a smokier flavor. This allows coffee providers to use low quality beans
  • Tips:

  • For the freshest flavor and aroma find a coffee shop that roasts its own beans since the bean will lose its flavor after roasting
  • Try different beans from regions around the world till you find the one you prefer

Click here to start looking for the perfect bean for you

Storing coffee beans

Whole beans stay fresh longer than grounds because the whole bean’s oil is still locked inside. Keeping your coffee in whole form and grinding before each brew guarantees a great fresh cup of coffee every time but whole beans still need appropriate storage.

  • Whole beans start to lose flavor after a month so only buy as much as you can use within that time frame
  • An airtight glass container is ideal for storage but airtight plastic can be used as well with slight flavor loss
  • Store the container in a dry area away from light or in a freezer

Simple cheap storage container

Grinding the beans

The coffee grinder is the centerpiece of a great cup of coffee. There are two types of grinders, the blade and the burr. Choosing between the two depends on your budget and how much you value your coffee’s flavor and aroma.

  • The blade– This style is the most common because it is the cheaper of the two but it chops your beans and causes excessive heat which creates a bitter flavor
  • The burr– This type is more expensive and actually grinds the beans and makes less heat so the bean’s natural flavors are preserved

Some of the top coffee grinders


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