Hot Springs!

21 Oct

One of the things that Lewis and Clark remarked upon repeatedly was the vast abundance of hot springs they came across in their wanderings across America. They explored and noted many hot springs across America and often commented on the healing properties that the Indians attributed to the mineral-rich springs.

Springs in Wyoming

There are many hot springs in Wyoming but the springs located in Hot Springs Park in Thermopolis are the largest in the world as well as the hottest. Holding steady at a constant 135 degrees, over 8,000 gallons an hour flow over the terrace portion of the springs.
Back in 1896 a treaty was signed with the local Indian tribes allowing the State to utilize the hot springs, and the State Bath House was constructed. This structure was built to allow the public to experience the hot mineral waters and to use them to help combat many different illnesses.

Recharge and Rejuvenate!

Many amazing attributes and health benefits have been claimed by the avid hot springs enthusiasts across the years and while some of them border on the miraculous there are myriad benefits that do actually exist.
The presence of sulfur and sulfates are well known for treating such things and eczema and acne, and the vapors are often used to help relieve some respiratory conditions. Chlorides, such as sodium and magnesium are very good at helping relieve pain and extremely beneficial to those who suffer from arthritis, post-operative and nerve pain.

Things to Know

There are several things you should know about hot springs before you go jumping into these amazing waters. Not all issues or sicknesses are going to be helped by bathing in hot springs, and some of them are extremely dangerous if you do.
A few of the conditions that would prevent you from getting in hot springs would be illnesses such as high blood pressure or other hearth illness, circulation disorders, cancer, and issues that present the risk of hemorrhage. Of course you never want to enter a hot spring under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as this can cause symptons that would usually not be an issue to become life-threatening.

Where to go?

While Thermopolis has the biggest hot springs in the world, it is not the only place to go for a relaxing soak in mineralized hot water that boils up out of the earth. Due to the mountainous regions of the Rockies and the underlying geological formations there are many springs around to experience. Colorado has many springs in the mountains that are open year round, as well as numerous other springs in Wyoming such as the famous Hobo Hot Springs in Saratoga.

Hot Springs Benefits

Minerals in Hot Springs Waters and the benefits-


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