Corn Mazes

21 Oct

How to enjoy your corn maze trip

As you know, corn mazes are outside and are normally done at dark. Packing a flashlight can be a helpful tool to find your way out. Also, since many bugs live in corn fields, wearing bug spray may  be a smart choice. Depending on the size of maze chosen, comfortable shoes and a bottle of water may also be great items to have with you.

Tricks to get out of corn mazes

Corn mazes are a blast. However, there are many tricks that can help you find your way out fast. Since there is always an outside wall, placing either your right or left hand on one wall and walking while never taking it off the wall will guarantee that you will make it out and not end up having to call 911!  This method is known as the “wall flower” method. Some mazes have print of pictures of a plane view of the maze. These photos can be helpful as well. Always bring friends along. Not only does it make the experience fun, it will be less frightening.

Dangers of Corn Mazes

On October 10th, a family ended up calling 911 because they got “lost” in a corn maze. Not only can it be frightening not knowing exactly where you are in a corn maze, it may be frightening wondering when you will find your way out. Most mazes include bridges to climb up to to get a view looking down on the maze to help locate the exit.  It has been known for people to hide in corn mazes then jump out and grab someone. Always travel in a group. Corn mazes are intended to be a fun exhilarating thrill, not a danger zone.

MAiZE corn mazes is the largest corn maze family. Suprisingly, there is one of these mazes just a few hours away in Lingle, Wyoming.

One Response to “Corn Mazes”

  1. levi hale November 9, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    Got to be kidding me who calls 911 yeah they’re difficult to get out of but you don’t need to call 911 just follow another group out I bet the mother and father sure felt embarrassed

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