Anime-Based Games

21 Oct

A lot of games are based off of the style of artwork known as Anime. This style originates in japan and has spread all over the world very quickly over the years. A few examples of Anime-based videogames is a personal favorite of mine known as Kingdom Hearts. It’s CG animation with anime style characteristics is very appealing and looks awesome on the game screen! Like Kingdom Hearts, there are also games like Tales of Symphonia, aan many others.

Not only are Vidoegames based off of anime style characteristics, but tabletop, or roleplaying games like Big Eyes Small Mouth (BESM), are anime based. you use different templates to create a character and the templates are based off of anime charaxter archetypes, like Magical Girl, Neko (cat person), Ninja, Samurai, and may others.

From roleplaying with friends or using a controller on a game system, anime has reached the design of games of many varieties.

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