Zumba for All

20 Oct

Gear up   

Although a little expensive having the proper attire for Zumba is well worth it. Have you checked out a class yet? Well when dancing you want to look like you belong. Zumba gear is fun, colorful, stylish, and yes a little bit expensive. Notice I mentioned that twice? Well for a regular Zumba class all you have to do is dress comfortable. Nothing to baggy or too tight. Give yourself room to move. I would recommend a headband of some sort just to keep the sweat out of your eyes. Lady’s as nice as it may seem to let your hair down in normal situations, this is not the time. Pull your hair back out of your eyes so you don’t miss a step.

Zumba for all

Most guys don’t try Zumba thinking that it is only for women. Wrong. Zumba was actually created by a male aerobics instructor so guys it is for you too. Zumba is considered to be for all ages and gender. I know my four year old niece takes Zumba classes with us as well.

Shake off the Stress

Due to you burning so many calories Zumba makes you stress free. During the hour long class and believe me it feels like forever, you think about nothing but the steps and the music, that’s what makes it so much fun.

Moving on Up 

Since Zumba is intended for different age groups of genders, Zumba has created several different programs:

  • Regular Zumba — is for the basic starter, the one who wants to work out and have fun. This Zumba is intended usually for the people trying to get into shape. Check out some of the local places like the YMCA and Sedona both offer Zumba for beginners to try to learn the step.
  • Zumba Toning — If you are an active person and just want to tone your body, this class would be perfect for you. Zumba toning also contains the same music but is intended to tone those abdominals, thighs, Gluteus Maximus and arms. It is higher on the calorie burning scale and contains body strengthen workouts.
  • Zumba Gold — is for the older generation, the baby boomers. It contains the same music from reggaeton, to salsa, to merengue. Instead of speed walking the mall come and join a Zumba Gold class.
  • Zumba Gold-Toning – Since Zumba Gold is for the baby boomers, Zumba Gold-toning is created to strength the body at easy to accomplish steps. This Zumba is good for beginners as well. It contains the same fun and energetic feel while toning your body and teaching light-weight resistance.
  • Zumba in the Circuit – Instead of hitting the machines come join the circuit. In this class it’s a full 30 min of metabolism-boosting workout while providing the strength building circuit training. This class involves timed interval training that works out the entire body.
  • Aqua Zumba – Also referred to as the “pool party”, includes tones of splashing and twisting. Incorporated into this class is the water resistance of strength building, cardio workouts, and water aerobics. Strengthen all the muscles including the heart, it’s a combo deal.
  • Zumbatomic – let’s not forget the younger generation. Recommended for kid’s age’s four to twelve, this class teaches the self-confidence, coordination, and contains the newest hit for the kids to enjoy. If you have a kid that doesn’t focus to well this class will keep them right on track.  

So which is right for you? Figure out which goal you are trying to achieve and then start by going to a beginners class. From there ask the instructor which is best for your goals. All Zumba instructors are certified to teach. If you enjoy the classes see what you can do to become an instructor yourself at:


Zumba Freeze Up for Kids


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